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bydelta1, October 24, 2013
I rarely make a bad review and I did like PF 3.0 a lot more than PF 4.0 due to more flexibility. I will review PF 4.0 in following title:

PF 4.0 has been divided to independent subcomponents such as Projects, Milestones, Tasks, etc...
Permissions at each subcomponent is defined separately and independently from each other, this is not good especially when it comes to relations of whole project permissions related to other subcomponents (If Registered users have permissions of Create and Edit Own, then if someone creates a Project, then any other Registered user can add Milestones, Tasks and interfere with everything within that project, in other words you can not create a simple Project Management service unless you manually defined details of permissions for every project).

Join Request and Add User:
Again this was a great option PF 3.0, totally missing in PF 4.0. You can add Users if you have full permissions to Joomla users (even this part is buggy at the moment). Now Joint request feature.

Bugs mainly permissions based:
There some Ajax selection of users or tasks, etc which create browser error in wrong permissions, Seeing users in Add User to project for example needs admin permissions to operate which is not logical, most of the sites are like a community and people have usernames (not names) so there is no breach of privacy if you could see users list and add the friends username to project.

In Brief, Project Fork 3.0 which was very community minded has been turned to more commercial form where can be used only in companies where every permission has to be set and controlled.

At the end, I don't mind bugs and issues and even don't mind to pay for Pro version but extension lacks also support, only recently I got a bit of respond to my entry to forum.
Owner's reply

" can not create a simple Project Management service"
- Yes, it is primarily meant to run in a private environment, and is not designed to be used as a public service. Clearly you had different expectations. But We have stated many times that Projectfork 4 would be nothing like Projectfork 3.

"Bugs mainly permissions based"
- Based on your date of review, I assume you've used Projectfork 4.2 beta 2. So those kind of things are to be expected when using a beta.

bydelta1, September 30, 2013
Jtag Members Directory
This extension has a great potential but it has bugs and issues which took weeks to solve. The developer communicates in resolving the issues but the extension itself has a poor coding.

As I said it has great potential if developer could:
1- Focus on developing few good extensions rather than many poor quality ones
2- Could add integration for joomla, kunena, CB, JS, etc
3- Could improve CSS issues and add more flexibility in configuration
Owner's reply


Thank you for appreciating the potential for this extension and for your suggestions!
Having said that, we are sorry to hear that you are not entirely happy with it.
As I understand, you tried to customize few of the features of JTAG Members and those gave rise to the issues.
Since there were changes made, our support team needed sometime to analyze your changes and then helping you resolve the issues arised out of it.
We are always glad to hear out suggestions from our users to make it more useful and so that you don't need to make changes to the code.
We endeavour to make the product better as you would seen with the frequent updates being rolled out for JTAG Members.
If you can please send out details of your suggestions to, we can review and plan for implementing those features in upcoming releases.

Looking forward to hear back your suggestions to add some new features to JTAG Members and make it more to your liking.

Best Regards,
JTAG Support

bydelta1, September 4, 2013
Form2Content LITE
Just sharing the same feedback from others, great communication by Julien and excellent support. In comparison to some of developers this extension should get more than ten stars.
Also the idea behind the extension is great to make Joomla a capable and flexible CMS.
bydelta1, August 6, 2013
I did try several other extensions in this category and I was surprised to see most of them were commercial.
This extension is nice and flexible and is free without any link back to the third party developing site (some other non-commercial ones do have link backs).
I just want to thank this developer for providing the community this useful extension.
bydelta1, March 4, 2012
Core Design Petitions
The developer does put lots of effort in support but two things needs to improve:

1- Greatjoomla website represents great range of extensions but they create huge amounts conflicts if you do have a complex website.

2- About petition extension, my only concern is that a logged in user can change his email address (when signing a petition) and re-sign. In fact, a registered user can register thousends of times just by writing fake emails. I have mentioned to develope but no results on adding (at least as an option) so that
first only registered user could sign a petition
second a registered user could sign the petition only once.
bydelta1, January 2, 2012
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I rearly write a review for an extension but for CB Profile Pro, I do this to say thank you to the developer and also for his supports. Profile Pro not only help me to customise the CB profile and have multi profile but also helped me in setting up a full customisable privacy solution for CB (CB privacy in current format has many issues) which is the most important part of any social networking site. Thanks again to the Profile Pro developer for dedicated support.