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bydemetriusmds, March 9, 2010
I tested it extensively and aproved. I'm using now in my site with 5 different profiles. Had a problem with captcha that was quickly solved changing some configuration when I talked to Alex in his forum.
I had problems using it with cache enabled (both types of cache) but it's clear to me that it's a problem due to Joomla's framework instead of aicontactsafe. I solved it uncaching Joomla and improving client side caching (try mod_expires instructions inside .htaccess).
It's very important to be sure you are using the latest version.
bydemetriusmds, February 15, 2010
Although there seems to exist no documentation it's forum is excellent!
There could exist some important functionalities such like redirecting all pages to 301 redirect instead of 404.
But it does what it says.
Thanks again.
bydemetriusmds, October 31, 2009
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I have tested and found it very simple and efficient to use.