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bydenden, July 28, 2008
CB Gallery
If you need a gallery for your users that is just stupid-dumb-easy to use, THIS IS IT! No fuss, no muss, and users have no problems using it. There's no crap-tacualr polls, ratings, comments, etc. just a gallery, that's it. PERFECT!

And super-easy to control from the admin! Perfect for any site that has noob-users, or that have a user base that does not need all those extras found in 99% of other galleries.

Did I mention it was easy? :)
bydenden, December 26, 2007
Shape 5 - Tell A Friend
This module is based on a well known open source PHP script that I had experience using to begin with, was nice to see it ported to Joomla! Thank you!
bydenden, November 11, 2007
Google Maps by Reumer
Easy to install, and easy to use. I use templates for all my articles, and implementing this mambot in the template makes it easy enough that all I have to do is type in an address, and poof, instant map. Awesome little tool!
bydenden, May 27, 2007
If you wanna snag videos, this is THE bot to get. Super easy!
bydenden, November 20, 2006
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I have this running on 4 production sites right now. Though some of it's set-ups are a tad quirky, and there are at times "too many options", it's an excellent tool to sell anything, and the PayPal integration is seamless and top-notch. If you want to sell anything, set yourself up a PayPal account, and play around with this thing to fit your needs, and your off.