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byderekk, August 21, 2014
As a long time tech and Webmaster I have often been dismayed by the lack of translation from developers and Tabulizer is one of the rare exceptions.
The front end wizard combined with the tutorials and the wonderful prompt support makes this product stand at the top.
The only limits here are my ignorance of tables and I am being educated weekly by Tabulizer. I can only imagine what this tool is like in the hands of someone who comprehends tables it must be amazing.
Thank you very much for relieving all the stress and arduous work of working with tables and CSV files.
I have a long way to go but I have already created custom tables I can use today on my websites.

Derek KTN
My Maps location
I am a professional using Joomla since the Mambo days and this ranks with the best software and service I have used.
Wonderfully layed out component and intuitive interface
Courtesy and Honesty
Top notch
Pros & Cons : Logistically set up well with ease of use. The responsiveness was addressed immediately with one call. Even the typical issue we all encounter with chrome and geolocation constantly refreshing the page was fixed by Joomunited. I am told will likely be in there next version.
Level of support received
Ease of usage and deployment
Owner's reply


Google Maps API is moving and we are moving with Google Maps too.


byderekk, September 9, 2010
Account Expiration Control
This software allows Joomla to be capable of so many needed features.

The support is amazing even free but paid support means you can get one on one help and custom support.

They will go the extra mile with you and the technical end of the software functions wonderfully.

With MI that are versatile it makes AEC compatible with almost any Joomla component.

This software makes me as a developer and designer start to think of Joomla as a professional CMS starting to enter the big league for Ecommercce and web site development.
byderekk, July 29, 2009
This is how it should be done.
Include this with JOOMLA INSTALL!

I have Joomla experience since day one and I work in the industry. I have tried quite a few and I am picky, yes picky. I expect it to work thats my first rule. Way to go, this works, and has features too!