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byderred, October 10, 2009
MetaMod has some issues like module styling still visible for "hidden" modules but with MetaMod Pro, everything works right out the box!

This is a must-have module for any serious Joomla 1.5 developer! 10 out of 10! Get it now!
byderred, August 24, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
If your site is location/map-driven site, this plugin is a must-have.

The plugin is very comprehensive it contains almost all Google Maps features to be utilized and benefit from.

The backend configuration has lots lots lots of options. Get that Google Map API like half a minute then you are left by imagination and creative to extend this plugin!

I managed to extend this plugin right to my end-users to input their own addresses and choose to display/disable their map on their own pages.

10 out of 5. Easily the best plugins of its class.
byderred, July 15, 2008
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Mosets Tree
Firstly, JED itself is powered by Mosets Tree. That should give you AT LEAST, a reason to try this component!

Let's be honest, a product is worthless without a good support. Mosets offer the best support by far (I have tons of other commercial components and SOME of them are plain useless!). Quick and precise solution, their support are among the best I've seen.

You might see some complains regarding support but it isn't Mosets fault at all. Some of them require dedicated custom job hack which shouldn't be blame on their support. Impressively, they do advise and sometimes lend some of their precious time to help those who need (usually top requests) say some extra functionality on this awesome component.

Mosets tree is mainly directory listings comp., but with your creativity, it could be something totally better than just directory.

Review is just for the first impression; try it yourself. I promise you'll thank yourself for later on.