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bydesignactioncollective, March 8, 2011
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Event Registration Pro
Reg Pro seemed like a great solution for our needs so we shelled out the somewhat hefty price for the component. It all worked well and our support requests were promptly responded to. Sadly we had to drop the component because it didn’t support one very basic need we had: to display events by category in a calendar view. We assumed this was possible, but it is not. In Reg Pro you can display events by category in a list view, or events by category in a mini-cal (through a module), but it is impossible to display events by category in a calendar view. The developers confirmed that this is not possible with Reg Pro and quoted 15 hours of custom development to implement the feature, which is far beyond what we could afford to pay for such a basic feature which, in our opinion, should be included by default. So sadly we had to drop Reg Pro and the developers refused to give us a refund, which was very disappointing given then the feature list makes it sound like category views are fully supported. All in all this is a good component unless you need full category view support. Beware, if you need to display events in a calendar by category, this component is unable to perform and the developers will not refund your money once you discover this. In the end Event Booking met our needs and the developer was much more supportive.
Owner's reply

Yes it is true that our extension does not support calendar filtering by category. This is not advertized or implied in our feature list as this review so wrongly accuses. This customer did assume that this existed and when he asked us about it we told him that the feature did not exist. We only quoted the customer for the 15 hrs because he asked us to do so and we complied. As the customer stated this is a good extension and we feel that a low rating is not fair given that this extension is still the most feature rich event registration extension for Joomla.