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bydesignsedge, August 28, 2014
This extension does exactly what it's supposed to in a seamless, amazing manner. User information can be imported, works perfectly with Easy Social and in minutes, you can have users with custom cover images and avatar photos.
Load module into article
Previous author is correct that the core can load a type OR a position, but as we have multiple authors, we promote each in an individual module. We use this plugin to pull different authors information in, in different articles - different function entirely than the core.
bydesignsedge, February 12, 2013
Had an issue with user logging in and pressing ENTER on my particular browser & OS. Bob sent me a patch that resolved the issue. The module is well designed and allows for multiple looks and options, so can be easily embedded in multiple locations with completely different looks. Glad someone thought this was important for UI/UX.
bydesignsedge, January 21, 2013
Top Panel Slider
The top panel slider allows for ease of use, displaying a user and takes up very little real estate on the screen. We will be using it extensively and had an issue with the CSS conflicting with our existing menu and template.
Contacted support and worked live with them - had it resolved in 20 minutes - Amazing!
bydesignsedge, November 1, 2012
AJ Simply Jobs Board PRO
Purchased the Pro Version, well worth the price, this component provides an elegant tie to the job-a-matic system provided by simply hired. Within minutes had a very detailed job board online with niche positions and categories thanks to the documentation, not to mention it generates revenue. Also needed a small customization Luis was extremely fast responding - a simple must have!
bydesignsedge, June 2, 2012
Simple Pop-Up
In our latest site design we wanted the option to have popup windows that occur only once to allow the user to become familiar with the UI. This can also be loaded in a custom HTML module, pop up a quick instruction message, complete with graphics & links and then disappear once the user "gets it" - Great work & Free!
bydesignsedge, May 6, 2012
RSS Browser
Worked immediately after install, needed ability to limit item descriptions. Posted in support forum, author released new version! Highly recommended - works well in small or large module positions!