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bydesignsubway, November 11, 2013
Resize Image on the Fly and Cache
This plugin is wonderful!

In my opinion Joomla should do resize images by default. Where Joomla stops, this plugin starts. Wordpress does this and so should Joomla.

I have been able to implement this plugin into my own custom built modules. I have a lot of customers who don't understand the concept of image size so this plugin means that I don't have to explain about resizing images before uploading them.

Thanks again for a great plugin!
bydesignsubway, October 28, 2013
First of all, I would like to say that I received a no quibble refund from JomRes, there customer support is excellent.

I have developed many Joomla websites from 1.5 to 3. I am very used to a range of components and how to override their output. With this in mind I can honestly say that I found JomRes to be a nightmare!

JomRes does not integrate with Joomla in the usual way. They may pretend that it does but it simply does not. JomRes is built first and foremost as a standalone booking system. If you login to the admin side of Joomla the only JomRes page is the setup page. You cannot add or administer adverts in the back end, everything has to be done in the front end.

A major flaw is that your website ends up having two menus. One menu is your normal main menu and then you are also forced to have a second JomRes menu. There is no way to integrate the two menus. Normally Joomla components have a number of views which can be selected by setting up your menu items, JomRes has one. You cannot link to categories or specific adverts, you can only link to the home page of JomRes.

Template overrides are normally very easy to implement for the majority of Joomla components. JomRes works differently, you do not copy the template files into your own site template and then modify them. JomRes has it's own system, you have to modify files using their online file editor and then the changes are stored in the database! Surely code should be stored in actual files and not in the database? Surely this over inflates the database and slows down your site?

I can see how JomRes will work well on it's own but if you are building a Joomla site then you are doing so for a reason - to use the usual Joomla benefits. Essentially, you end up with a Joomla website with a link to a JomRes website. If you want a truly integrated solution (as I did) then look elsewhere.

A lot of people find JomRes very good so it might be fine for you, I just wish I had known what I know now before embarking on a Joomla site with JomRes.
bydesignsubway, November 30, 2012
Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart
I have just bought this extension for the first time and I would buy it again and again. I have used other search modules for Virtuemart and they have been poorly designed and coded and simply not done a good job but MULTIPLE CUSTOMFIELDS FILTER FOR VIRTUEMART 2 has done everything that I wanted and done it really well.
I had a couple of minor issues (my own fault) and the email support was very fast and very helpful. I still can't get over what I am getting for the price.
If you have a Virtuemart shop then this extension is a must. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you so much.
bydesignsubway, December 15, 2011
Simple Pop-Up
This is a brilliant little plugin. It does exactly what I wanted.

My customer wanted a lightbox popup to prompt the user to buy gift vouchers when they access the site. The cookie feature works brilliantly so the user doesn't see the popup every time, I currently have it set to refresh every 7 days.

Thank you.