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Social Multiprofile
Worked directly out of the box; very simple - no supported needed.

Something to note before buying: since this is a commercial extension, I was a bit disappointed that some social media networks are not supported (most notable Pintrest and Instagram).
Owner's reply

Thanks for your kind suggestion , we will check it with team and add more Social networks thanks for your time with us.

bydewilde, August 8, 2010
Had the module installed and published within minutes! And does exactly as promised: display a image out of my twitpic-account on my

Couldn't ask for more ... well maybe I could [mentioning this because at the moment it's not in the mod.] : I agree with @crimsonguitars that a feature should be to click on the photo and show it as a larger version in a 'over layer' (don't know the tech. term).

Also, at the moment (v 1.3.1), the the module does not allow for a random display of images (on reload). It only shows either the last (ones) or a selected ID. But since it's a feed, randomisation may be impossible.