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bydewinky, January 15, 2013
One click registration
Product does what it says, but due to its whimsical anit-spam routine. Spambots had a field day with my site. Tried to get support, trying to implement joomla recapture plugin (even went and found code). Support sounded bothered by my request, even though this would be a great enhancement for the product.
Owner's reply

I was not bothered by your request at all. However sometimes my reply 's will be short. The reason for this is: I do this stuff after working hours so i cant always help people instantly. But i do my best to answer all questions and to help people out. Keep in mind that i do this stuff completly free of charge! I work from monday to friday. And i also have children and a wife to take care off. You posted your question 2 days ago in the forum. Thats monday 14 or tuesday 15 january 2013. You posted your review here on tuesday 15 2013. Thats 1 day later or maybe even on the same day! You couldnt wait at least untill the weekend started for me to reply? So i think your review is not fair at all! While you where writing your review, i was working hard to implement the code to get the reCAPCHTA working. Now it works. So if you wish you can download the latest version of the component now. It has reCAPTCHA installed now...

bydewinky, February 22, 2012
Art Wijmo Menu
Installed easily and support was quick to assist in minor issue, I had. I would give it excellent if it had more options without having to go into the CSS to make changes.
bydewinky, February 5, 2011
HOT Login
What can I say, loved the ease of installation, look of the product and bam!, it never worked properly on my site...but to my surprise the developer went above and beyond the call of duty and got it working...Fantastic support!!!! (is there more than 5 stars?)
bydewinky, September 24, 2010
installed very easy and configuration was quick, just wish the output was spruced up a little more, maybe blocked numbers for the total visitors..
Owner's reply

I am sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "blocked numbers for the total visitors".