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bydfajon, October 29, 2010
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I have used several RSjoomla extensions and have loved them... until now.

RSFirewall has given me nothing but headaches with:
1. Unwanted redirects (from to and we all know what issues the www. can cause.)

2. Failed login issues (even when the login and password names are copied directly from my password vault) usually related to www. redirect

3. missing WYSIWYG editors since I installed it.

I have tried to get answers from the developers 3 different times but got 3 different responses each time basically saying: "It’s not our programs fault it doesn’t effect any of the issues you are having..."

The worst part is it got worse over the last two updates. So I am convinced without doubt that this extension is the source of all my issues.

I finally got tired of messing with it and decided to just uninstall the whole thing, now I have even more issues with my admin area. It will sort of work in IE8, won’t work in Firefox now, and we won’t even discuss Chrome.

Be careful if you use this extension. I don’t know exactly what this extension did that caused all the problems but I know I didn’t have any of these issues till I installed this extension and ran the security check. I will likely be uninstalling and reinstalling my entire joomla site from scratch because of all of this.

On the plus side I did like the reporting features and the lock down feature.
Owner's reply


1) & 2) RSFirewall! will never create any redirects and there's not a single line of code in the package that would have to do anything about redirects. You wrongfully created a htaccess file that redirects from non-www to www, and in the process left $live_site in your configuration.php to the non-www version. This way, your redirects where happening even when submitting forms (such as the user login).
3) There hasn't been a single report of such an issue, furthermore RSFirewall! has been tested with the most popular editors (tinyMCE, JCE, JoomlaCK) and there are no incompatibilites.

The fact that when you uninstalled RSFirewall! your admin panel "crashed" has no logic and there's no proof to support it - if such issues did exist, we would have known about them and fixed them. RSFirewall! does not modify any system files so it's highly unlikely that a simple uninstall would have caused something like this.

This review states facts that have no explanation other than the user error - since RSFirewall! does not handle redirects (how would that be a security feature, since RSFirewall! is a security software ?), does not change any lines within system files (including editors, and has even been tested for compatibility with them), how can all of this have happened ? The user clearly made some changes to his website around the same time he installed RSFirewall! and, without thinking it through (or even listening to our replies, even though we searched for this user and couldn't find any information on him) blamed RSFirewall! for everything (because it's easier to blame somebody else than to fix your own errors).