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bydfinkeldei, April 26, 2009
Event Registration Pro
I have a 1.0.15 joomla installation running Event Registration Pro 2,8.3. I asked JoomlaShowroom ticket center a specific question:

"Many of our customers need to register and buy multiple events at one time (checking out many events with one checkout process)."

The answered very briefly with a "yes". So I upgraded to 1.5.10 and bought the new Event Reg Pro for Joom 1.5.

I spent many hours upgrading joomla to 1.5.10 and installed the Event Reg Pro component only to find out that it didn't support multiple event checkout in the same process.

I don't have a problem with the component as far as reliability. It's ok with a few bugs and modifications. I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH THEIR SUPPORT. I guess I'm out the money for the upgrade.

I'll find a different solution for multiple event checkout.
Owner's reply

This is absolutely untrue. We would NEVER have answered this question with a yes. In fact we have looked up all correspondence with this customer and he NEVER asked this question until AFTER he purchased the new version. Assumptions are not our fault.