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bydgaletar, October 10, 2009
Akeeba Backup
JoomlaPack… WOW!!! What can I say besides, what a life saver this was for me!

I came across this tool about two months ago. It was a little hard for me to understand at first, as I am fairly new to Joomla!. But, once I harnessed it’s power, I began using the thing all over the place; on EVERY SITE I HAVE DESIGNED!

Moving a site was virtually impossible for me. I used FileZilla FTP to do this, and more often than not, files were missing all over. What a mess! It took me forever to figure it out and re-FTP them up to the site. By then I was pretty much done working on it for a while.

Enter JoomlaPack to the rescue! With JoomlaPack, I can move a site in minutes instead of hours. I can have it up and running with little work, as opposed to fumbling through folders trying to figure out what might have been missed.

And, that is not even talking about the strength of backing up a site. How could this not be a ‘main part’ of Joomla!1.5? They MUST know that this needs to be done? You know how many times (before I found JoomlaPack) I or one of my clients deleted a site by accident? Or moved something that shouldn’t have been moved and breaking the site all together?


And, when I had trouble figuring something out (it was always my stupidity), Dale would ‘im’ with me for hours, nay I say days, until it was right. Now that is support!!!

Using JoomlaPack has certainly changed the way I move and backup Joomla! websites. If you’re smart, you’ll start using it too. Once you figure out the steps, it becomes so easy a Caveman could do it! (This in no way was designed or stated in an effort to offend any or all Cavemen who may be reading this article.)