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bydgreenspan52, March 3, 2013
2J Scroll To
All I needed was a simple extension that would turn my existing anchor tags into smooth scroll links. This component does much more than that, but it couldn't be configured out of the box to do the simple function I required. I explained this to 2J support team, and they added a simple "smooth scroll" mode to this product, just for me! *So if you're looking for a simple smooth scroll, grab this and select "smooth scroll" mode* I've used a lot of extensions from a lot of developers; 2J stands out with the best of them in both quality and customer service.
bydgreenspan52, July 26, 2012
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ITPSocial Buttons
Over past year I've tried the top 5 or so social sharing modules in directory and this one takes the cake!
Here's why:
- Option to add custom buttons! (fyi you can grab ready-made Google+ buttons at "developers [dot] google [dot] com" and place right into this module)
- Fully editable [and clean] CSS
- Huge selection of modern icon styles
- It's not powered by "ShareThis," so there's none of that b.scorecard.research script that ShareThis forces on your site
- No hidden links (beware some less reputable modules surreptitiously place link to their site in your source code - check your source)

bydgreenspan52, December 30, 2011
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Newsletter Subscriber
I needed a simple and effective newsletter subscriber module and NS fit the bill perfectly. Installation was as easy as it gets, and it performs exactly as promised. Further more, I wrote Christopher (the developer) and asked how to remove the name field to make it email only... it was above my skill-level so he did it for me free of charge and had it to me within a week! If you need a simple & clean newsletter module with top-rate support look no further.