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bydiafebus, October 2, 2013
Article Placed Anywhere
Simple, light and clean. I was looking for the way to allow my client to modify one module content based on HTML without giving him access to Module menu. That's the way! Create a module, assign an article to it and afterwards user can modify the contents from Article edition menu. It's great! (I was afraid the client changed some module configuration... now I know he only modifies articles).
bydiafebus, September 12, 2013
Good extension indeed. It does what it says it does. Filter is now implemented and very useful to select the proper articles.
However, since there is no filter enabled at the beginning, ALL articles are listed. It makes page loading slow when there are MANY, MANY articles.
In my opinion default filter should be set with some "dummy" value avoiding ALL articles to be listed at once in order to speed up page loading time. Thanks.