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bydiana38, July 8, 2014
JLex Review
I consider this component with structured data absolute must for small business websites. Excellent support – amazing and fast. I tested few different components for reviews and this was the best. At the price you pay it is real bargain. But most important, support was unbelievable!

And if you are busy developer, working with clients you don’t have time to waste on bad extensions or component and you understand how vital is timely support.

Highly recommend.

Sincere thanks to the Developer.
bydiana38, October 14, 2013
Spider Facebook
This extension is an absolute must for any business serious about marketing and social media! I tested few commercial extensions for social media in the past but this one exceeded my expectations!

Awesome work! I tested on Joomla 2.5 and 3 and works out of the box.

I have to mention support – amazing! I had one site with a bit of conflict with other extensions I have installed. I knew extension works perfect yet asked for help… and to my surprise they answered! This is what makes really great support to know that if you really stuck someone is willing to look at least for problem for you. Frankly I bought very some expensive extensions in the past for other tasks and never have replay from developers. So my hopes were not high when I wrote email asking for support. And they replied! Even though i made clear extension works but not on my site due to conflict!

Anyhow this extension rocks! Really does. Worth every single penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!
bydiana38, October 1, 2013
I have developed and manage quite few websites. I am still trying to find solution to protect them. I have ever purchase. I have installed this plugin on Joomla 2.5 and 3 and have to admit works like charm. If it was paid plugin I still would pay! The plugin works and does the job to protect from brute force. I was able effectively stop brute force attempts. Amazing work. Thank you so much and wish you had older version for Joomla 1.5. I still have few sites that didn’t have upgrades yet and this could be awesome.
Owner's reply

I have this aversion to paying for software - by extension, I have a problem charging for it.

There are so many developers out there donating their time to Joomla development, and free extensions that I felt it was my obligation to make my extensions free.

I'm glad you're having success with the plugin. It's my intention to make the best security extension absolutely free.

bydiana38, August 15, 2013
2J Gallery
This is seriously one of the BEST extensions for Galleries and presentation.
1. Perfect presentation and flexibility and so easy out of the box!
2. Support is fantastic. I had no access and asked silly question about configuration and anwser was immediately.
3. Works perfectly with responsive layout and huge plus works on Mobile devices :)
With a little imagination you can create magic with this extension! Seriously, I tried so many and this one is one of the best. I only tried on Joomla2.5 though.
I was looking for something suitable for very competitive website in renovation business where I can present products. Awesome job
Support is BEYOND awesome. Thanks a million and more!

Easy to download, easy to install , easy to configurate even if you don't read instructions, easy to place in modules. I can see huge usage for anything even as linking.

With so many non-commercial extensions on the market and some fantastic too...but it is the best really so far with flexibility. It was money well spend in my case. Worth every penny and I know my client will stand out from the crowd which makes them happy! You can use it for landing pages with linking and description - simply amazing staff! Love it and would give 10 out of 10 if I could.
bydiana38, August 10, 2013
Flyout Tabs
First of all thank you to developers. I even read post and use transparency :) as advised in one of the posts.
Brilliant extension. I went to check how much I spend on this and then realised it is not commercial. Couldn't believe my eyes. I tested many extensions and some are paid for various purposes. And when I find some gem like this and realise it is not commercial it is mind blowing!

EZ Realty
I've been trying out a few real estate extensions including commercial ones. I wish I chosen this on first it would save me a lot of hassles and money. I won’t say here about my bad experiences with others as it is not the place here. I am only trying to make a point …that it is not the first one I spend time on.

If it comes to support it is simply outstanding. And we all know how sometimes silly things takes hours. It is worth every single penny. Most important if you want to save yourself time go for full installation option. I was so happy it was on the offer as it save me a lot of unnecessary time. And now next time I won’t need full service as I understand structure and what was done. For first time I would strongly advice to take the option if it is still available. It is very complex extension, especially if you buy portal version it will be a lot to learn. I have been working with Joomla for quite few years from version 1, deal with so many great developers and this extension is one of my favourites and support simply rock.

Love it and see a lot of use for my clients. It is a killer extension. Packed with all the features real estate needs. Your clients will love you for this extension. Brilliant !

Thank you so much.
bydiana38, April 9, 2013
Realtyna RPL
If it comes to features, it is one of the best components! Absolutely amazing and quite powerful extension, a little bit difficult to use at the beginning. I have to mention Alex who was awesome, when I have a problem to install and configure extension for the first time. It was very helpful. The video didn’t work and Howard helped to discover that it was Magic quote on the server. They offer paid support also if you need customisation. I love the features and flexibilities. Overall great and working extension. Absolute Recommendation!
bydiana38, May 21, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
Acymailing is one of the best extensions I have tested. You will love support – simply the best!!! I would like to thank you here Adrien who took even time to check configuration problem on my site. I haven’t been able even to test yet all plugins for Acyba as are too many to list here. I tried only birthday and facebook share and they are awesome! Whatever are your needs for newsletter campaigns – this is one stop solution! I strongly suggest if you install free version buy commercial one! You will have all solution in one package. Brilliant! I have few extensions I use on regular basis and love support and Acymailing exceeded my expectations. How many times you don’t even have trial version, spend money just to find out it is useless for your needs? Happen to all of us. Well, I can assure you – if you looking for newsletter solution – you just found it one!
bydiana38, February 4, 2011
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Savira Photo Gallery
Very easy module to install and use. Support is EXCELLENT. I really hope developer will keep working on this module as it gives a very nice presentation to photos. Would be nice to have back end configuration and ability to create more folders. And even if licence per domain I would be glad to pay.

I have purchased commercial version and for the amount of money they request it is worth every single penny. I will keep an eye on development on this extension. I use a lot of galleries on my clients sites so this one definitelly would be useful. Nice job!

Thank you
bydiana38, October 22, 2008
RSform Pro
Worth every single penny! This is second time I am using this extension and no problems. So easy that is just a joke - anyone can use it. I just showed my client's 12 years daughter how to create own forms. Cannot get easier than that. There is a room for improvement example captcha modifications etc but hey.....all works perfectly, looks great and allows you to make own modifications if you want to to scripts etc. Perfect for newbie and perfect for these who want to put more time into it. Cannot say anything less than EXCELLENT. I gone through hell trying to find something easy for my client for 1.5 few months ago and read in the forum about this extension. Lucky me! Wasted 2 days to try other extensions..this was just the best buy so far.