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bydianascherff, February 9, 2010
This extension is so easy to use and the code highlighter and PHP debugging are very useful. I've been looking for a way to include my PHP directly in the article and this is exactly what I needed.

I had a couple problems with my code working "solo" and when I put it in the article it gave me errors, but when I went to the forums and used the alternate coding that was suggested (require_once), it worked seamlessly.

Very impressive! It has saved me a lot of time. Definitely recommended.
bydianascherff, August 21, 2007
Version 3.40 is great for small-time document management but I just can't get bulk upload or add whole structure from server to work no matter what. I have had to do extensive editing of the php files to disable images and other style features in order to make it look presentable and to make it integrate into my site.

I've tried to upgrade to 3.42 but it gives you one or two changes to get the download right (which is impossible with internet explorer most of the time) and then you're out of luck. "Sorry" and you have no download option despite the fact that you haven't downloaded anything.

I have 500+ folders with 1-6 folders in each plus 1-20+ files in each of those and without bulk upload/add whole structure from server there's no way I can use this extension despit all the work I've put into modifying the way it looks. The fact that it's pre-packaged [with my web host?] gives me the impression that it's much closer to perfect which it's defintely not.
Owner's reply

You should try version 3.44. There has been extensive testing of the two bulk upload features which have been merged into a single, more flexible facility.

There's an FAQ at explaining how to configure IE to avoid download problems. The feature of limiting the number of times the same file could be downloaded was introduced by popular request, and I like to demonstrate the features of the product in my own use of it. When people reporting the issue with IE to me, as well as writing the FAQ, I also changed the configuration to increase the number of download attempts permitted. And it's only a limit for one day, after all!

Version 3.44 also has new options to configure the display without program changes, but it is inevitable that some people will want more variation than can be reasonably handled through parameters. There is also a FAQ on how to hack Remository, and I usually give information to anyone who asks how to achieve any particular change (subject to time).