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bydig814, May 22, 2014
SP Upgrade
I run a Joomla development company and have used this tool to migrate over 50 of our demo sites. It works great. Very happy with the product and support.
bydig814, November 9, 2012
This is a great addition to any Joomla or Wordpress site. If you are a developer and have a membership to OSTraining, you can provide this toolbar on your clients websites. It adds a nice little icon that is easily visible. This makes life a lot easier when your clients have access to these great videos since it helps them learn and solve problems themselves. Great work guys!
bydig814, April 26, 2012
FW Real Estate
This extensions is awesome. I tried out another, more expensive real estate component and was highly dissapointed in the support and the buggy product. I went back to the drawing board and found FW Real Estate. The product is flawless. I needed one minor edit and they were on top of it quickly. The built in support and update system is utterly brilliant. I can't say enough good things about this product and company. I will use their products whenever possible. They are top notch as is their support.
bydig814, January 3, 2012
If you admin a lot of sites, this makes it very easy to test stuff. Great job.
bydig814, October 20, 2011
SobiPro Search
This plugin does the job. It adds Sobi to core Joomla search, but you can only search one Section/directory. If you want to search across multiple directories, you need to purchase the Plus version.
Owner's reply

Thank you!!! We appreciate your review.

Kind Regards,
Anibal Sanchez

bydig814, September 25, 2010
JDownloads is amazing. It is a dream for you to customize. The developer uses tags in the layout, so you can practically design it any way you want from the backend. There are SO many options and configuration settings so you can make it do almost anything. The developer is always present, answering questions and more than willing to listen to your requests. He added a feature I really needed to the next release. All I had to do was ask! How is that for customer service! A+++

Did I mention it is free! I can't believe it, but it is, so if you use and like this extension, please donate to the project because they deserve it.
bydig814, June 11, 2010
Lof SlideShow for K2
This module is top notch. Looking forward to more from these talented coders. Thumbs up.