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bydigame, October 26, 2012
Account Expiration Control
Hi all,
Here, in many African countries, Paypal does NOT allow us to RECEIVE payment, so it was quite difficult when I decided to start a membership website.

The difficulty was in finding a script that could support integration with other payment processors.

This script made that possible for me.

Needless to say that with AEC you can have different permutations for protecting your site and contents. And everything works.

It does take some getting used to IF you just follow ONLY the documentation on their website, because some videos are outdated.

My fast start guide would be to set up the content on your site BEFORE installing the script. That way you can then:

1. Enable feature A
2. Then go to your front page and see how it works;
3. Enable feature B
4. Then go to your front page and see how it works; and so on.