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bydigbydo, November 18, 2012
Installed it like a dream, enabled and added three clients, categories, LOCATIONS, links, sizes and everything else it wanted. So far great!

Tried to tell it that I wanted "LOCATION-x" in "position-x" of Joomla - so I went to Documentation (forget it) then the Forum.

I put LOCATION in the search box:
The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: LOCATION.

eh!.. what all that about? one of the primary functions and most regularly used terms and there's no information about it.

Turn off the common words option on your forum and people like me might get to figure out how this extension works..

uninstalled :(
Owner's reply

Sorry, I'm aware the documentation needs a revamp since version 2 but I was completely unaware of the common words problem with the forum. I've now turned off common words so hopefully future users won't face the same frustration.

bydigbydo, November 3, 2012
Admiror Columnizer
My site is only a simple news/magazine type place and this is just what I needed to split content into columns.

Once I'd got my head around the ACBR code not being in curly brackets it worked fine.

Not sure if any words in the dictionary (of any country) contain the letters ACBR in that sequence so it could be a disadvantage.

Otherwise, dead straight forward and does what it says on the tin.

The inline attributes (look in the user manual) are an added bonus.

Keep developing it - good work!!
Owner's reply

Maybe you didn't notice, in plugin settings there is an option to change the code that is used to brake the text into columns. When you open Admiror Columnizer from plugin manager on the right you can see: Brake code, as a default it is ACBR.

Thanks for your support :)

bydigbydo, September 20, 2012
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Three times I install and start from scratch - even deleting Joomla and starting over again.

Three times it installs without problem but no upload icon for the images - no images => no good!!!

Support on their forum has been non-existant since mid-June on this subject.

Overall not a good start :(
bydigbydo, April 8, 2011
Rapid Contact
Straightforward to install and set up, within 5 minutes of download I'd tested and received the email.

Tried the recaptcha version afterwards but couldn't get it to work so ditched it in favour of the official release. As this is an independent creation it would be nice if the two developers could work together and make it official for us (please).

Great extension - thanks!
bydigbydo, October 5, 2010
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Quick and easy to install and thanks to other reviewers the google code was not difficult to add = UA******* is all that's needed.

Checked the pages and it appears exactly as described - excellent start !!

The "instructions" could be clearer on the installation page and after some searching around I finally found them at:
bydigbydo, October 5, 2010
Left it installed for over 2 weeks and the information it was giving was total nonsense. Every day it reports differently to my server stats.

I then try it real time - I know visitors are there because I IRC them to test it. No sign of them - even tomorrow, yet they are in my server logs following day.

Will try something a bit easier to understand.
Owner's reply

Hi, this might be because you didn't have the correct timezone of your joomla system or user. If you didn't see any visitors, also in Live Stats module, you probably didn't have the essential joomlawatch agent installed and published in frontend. There is an installation video how to do that. Even though many people use this extension without issues like this one, I will try to make things even more clear and user-friendly in upcoming version.