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bydigitalscribe, September 24, 2011
This is a decent component for displaying and searching recipes. It does a good job but you should be aware that it lacks what I would have considered some basic features:

- There is no way to enter or display fractional units for recipe items using standard recipe notations like 1/4, 1/2 or 1/8. You must use .125, .333, .5 etc. I think this makes it very difficult for anyone who is not savvy with fractions.

- There is a slider where you can adjust the recipe to feed different numbers of people. It is an awesome feature! But, it does not allow you to change the terminology and icon for things cooked in different units like batches for cookies. Also because of the previously mentioned decimal issue, the resulting fractions create a recipe that is not really useful unless you are willing to do some work to figure it out what those fractions mean.

- While the component lets you categorize the recipes, there is only one way to display those categories. It is like a small navigation list for a sidebar. There is not a category display for the main content area that works like the core Joomla’s category blog. To me this seems like a huge oversight because if I am leading my users in, I would want to start with a nicely formatted page of category thumbnails and featured recipes within those categories to guide my user in.

Finally I think you should be aware that everyone who wrote reviews starting on 9/23 may have been writing them because it was the only way to get the category list module from the company for free. I think it is a short coming of the core module to not include any way to list categories since you spend so much time determining what they are to organize your recipes. If it was me, I would want to know that reviews may be falsely high because people wanted to insure they did not have to pay for functionality that really should have been included. (particularly if you purchased there yoorecipe – all in one package.)
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

- Decimal & Fractions:
We agree displaying fractions would be a nice feature. It was already added to the todo list before you review the extension

- Servings:
Servings are given for a number of people, not for batches. We think it is more relevant to show quantities for people than for batches. Come on to our forum to debate!

- Landing page:
You are absolutely right. This feature is expected and we know it. Rome was not built in a day! However, you can already organize your main page using YooRecipe modules (Gallery, Search, Best rated, ...)

- Reviews:
We are glad you mentioned it. Yes, for us, getting reviews is the best way to enhance YooRecipe. We motivated people writing reviews, not falsely high reviews, just reviews.

YooRock Support Team.