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bydigiweb, September 8, 2012
Constant Contact CB Integration
An old version stopped working. Bob worked with me immediately, quickly and successfully. The code works great, the features are useful and the support is A+.
bydigiweb, July 10, 2011
Event Booking
Events registration is a solid component. The author responded incredibly fast to to an issue I reported on chat. I'm very happy with the entire experience.

I replaced dtregister because it was unstable. The support was slow and frankly kind of annoying.I paid $75 for that component. My customer ( immediately complained of students not being able to buy classes and zero-dollars where they had been set to $295.

I had already reported several bugs to dtregister. Switching between individual and group registration had created a set of $0 priced records (ack!). The discount code is part of registration rather than billing. Support was slow to non-existant, at one point I waited weeks and only got a response when i threatened to ask my credit card company for a refund.

On the other hand, Event Booking was only $25. It worked the first time with no issues except one. That issue was the failure of joomla to default to the "default.php" view on credit card failure. I found the author on Yahoo chat. He found and fixed the problem within an hour.

The code itself has been solid and done what it says it will do.

I would like to see event_date included in all communications to admin and customers. I mostly made the changes to the code myself. So I got a chance to see the code. Unlike the competitor's code mentioned above, the Event Booking code is solid. It follows standard operating code rules. (For instance, the dtregister issue is obviously a problem with data integrity, it's just sloppy). Event Booking code that I read follows solid academic coding conventions.

I highly recommend Event Booking. It's a good value with well written code and exceptionally good support.
bydigiweb, September 26, 2010
Modules Anywhere
Extremely easy to use and very useful.
bydigiweb, August 12, 2010
Simple Upload
Simple and elegant module that allows a user to upload a file to a specific directory. Can limit who is allowed to upload by user name (separate by commas seems to work). I used this to allow an admin to upload newsletters to her site so she didn't have to understand FTP.
bydigiweb, May 10, 2009
Documents Seller
This is SO almost an excellent. It installs, sets up and runs very nicely. It took me very little time to get a PDF up for sale.

One thing though. The document URL is a predictable pattern. I think this means I can go to everybody's Docman seller site and leech free books.

I'll be happy to hear I'm wrong and turn this Good to an Excellent.