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bydilbert4life, July 3, 2013
AJAX Toggler Pro
Great plugin here for any Joomla website admin. Works out of the box with all core components as well as most 3rd party (as long as they use standard J! markup in the admin). It really speeds things up!

This plugin is now part of my standard plugin set that I install on every site.
bydilbert4life, June 14, 2013
This is a very good and welcome extension for XMap. It does what it says, adding the Item and Category URL's to the sitemap. My only complaint with the code is that even with the updates, SEF urls do not function correctly.

I've rewritten the plugin to use ZOO core routing to build the SEF URL's instead of trying to match what they do in their code, as the previous patch did. I'm planning on submitting it to WDEVP so he can update it and release it here.
bydilbert4life, January 14, 2011
Store Locator
This component works very well, the best we've found for it's purpose. We love the batch geocoding feature and it's comparable to many enterprise level / subscription based software's available.

However, we paid double the current price of the component and our subscription ran out right before the recent update (yesterday!) and reduction in price. Normally, developers we have worked with would be understanding and gladly provide the update to early adopters without question. In this case, no such understanding was found.

This may not seem like a big deal, but a developer's treatment of his customers in matters like this play a critical role for those of us who support the premium component marketplace.
Owner's reply

"Due to a misunderstanding on our subscription length, I thought our subscription was supposed to be for 12 months, instead of the actual 6. However, with another email to support, the misunderstanding was cleared, and they sent us the latest version as a sign of good faith and understanding. Sysgen Media really does reflect what customer support should be in the Premium Component marketplace, and I can and do recommend them to anyone reading this review. I will definitely be purchasing updates in the future! ~ Don Gilbert"

bydilbert4life, December 7, 2009
Joom Donation
I had messed with DTDonate and other donation components in the past, but NOTHING compares to Joom Donation!

It did more out of the box than anything else, and cost less as well. The support is better than any other as well. I had some minor tweaks that I needed that I wasn't able to do myself, and the developer was able to exactly what I needed for a reasonable price. He is even going to integrate the changes into the next release!

If you need a Joomla Component for taking donations, look no further than Joom Donation!