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bydimbouk, August 2, 2013
Ji Migrator
I try for many weeks now to migrate the content of my J.25 site to J.30 and I've tried everything.

JI Migrator seems to be the component that works (far) better than any other and with much more clear interface.

It still has some minor issues but new releases, with fixes and new features, come out very very often and the support from Anton is superb

Keep up the good work
bydimbouk, May 8, 2013
This is huge!! I never thought I'd see something like that in joomla. It really brings joomla to a complete new level. Amazing CCK. Many thanks to the developers.
bydimbouk, April 16, 2013
The best solutionn for multilingual joomla 2.5/3.0 sites.
Very easy to use. The support is amazing. Stepane thank you very much for all your help.
bydimbouk, November 4, 2012
KMFasTrans PRO
If you want to use the build-in multilanguage system then this is you best (and only, so far) choise.

It can be confusing in the beginning but there is great documentation and very good support. As soon as you understand how it works then you'll save A LOT of time in duplicating / translating elements.

The PRO version is a must mostly because of the automatic element creation.

Keep up the good work
bydimbouk, August 16, 2012
It's by far the best mapping solution in Joomla. The implementation (coordinates field in each article instead of having a huge bucket of places/coordinates in some component's panel) is genius. Saves a lot of time and gives you the flexibility to create any map you like using the module. Keep up the good work
bydimbouk, July 2, 2012
Art Timeline
This is a great component. Very easy to work with, amazing results, a lot of customization in the backend and really great support. Keep up the good work :-)
bydimbouk, September 26, 2009
Music Collection
I ported my old custom site to joomla/music collection a couple of months ago and I am really amazed by the ready-to-use features and very very good backend of this component. It is a real time saver for large collections. The code is written as it should be which make customizations really easy, new modules and plugins are coming very often and the help/support from the developer is excellent. Thank you.