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bydino00, September 30, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
I bought the component a few days ago and I had a couple of styling issues. Douglas solved everything immediately, following me with great patience.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the component itself and even more so with the huge support. A developer REALLY worth supporting
bydino00, June 26, 2009
BookLibrary Basic
This was exactly the module I wanted for a small site of mine. Unfortunatelly 2 things made me abbandon it and go for a virtuemart solution

1) It's not multilanguage. Tried to enter a couple of books in a non english language and the characters were wrong.

2) It has problems with my template (a rocket theme one) and from what I saw from the forum the problem is recurrent.

If the problems do get resolved I will definitelly go for the Pro version which looks awesome (at least on paper) but for now it's a no go
Owner's reply

1) It's not multilanguage.
It there exist multi language and now supported dutch, english, french, german, germani, italian, russian and spanish languages.
Maybe you need to read documentation.

2) It has problems with my template (a rocket theme one)
With Joomla Default template - all work excellent. maybe will need check self template first.

Google Maps by Reumer
I decided to use this component a little while ago for my multilingual site. Everything worked perfectly given the use of use of the mambot but I noticed 2 little problems:

a) There was an overlap of my site's logo with lightbox
b) I couldn't translate the text in my site's second language.

I contacted the author without having many hopes (after all it is a free component) and to my surprise he replied almost instantly sending me a new version that solved my first problem.

The second problem was a bit nastier so Mike followed my steps almost daily, he sent me another version and finally gave me the solution I needed and all this without asking for anything in return.

This is definitelly the BEST SUPPORT I ever had and given the fact that this is also a great mambot I give it an excellent rating (as well as a small donation)

Excellent work Mike!
bydino00, July 12, 2007
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
This is a must have extension with a fantastic support. It was a life saver for me in more than one occasions. Best money I ever spent!