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bydiorist, October 6, 2011
Without this plugin, it's possible to add a password barrier to your admin URL via htaccess. If you build Joomla sites for clients, however, you know that every required password is another thing your client can lose (and that you'll have to support). AdminExile secures the admin interface without an extra password barrier. It's simply a must-have, headache-free security control.
bydiorist, October 4, 2011
Zh GoogleMap
The Google Maps API is powerful, but complex---inaccessible, really, to those of use without a technical or GIS background. ZH GoogleMap gives you access to all of power with both an elegant administrative interface and glitch-free front-end display.

From what I can tell, ZH GoogleMap lets you leverage just about every API option that Google Maps offers, including KLM and Place files. You can add unlimited locations, including text descriptions, links, and customizable icons and icon behaviors. Moreover, you can organization locations by category and collect them under icon groups, which greatly simplifies both the administration and front-end access to extensive location lists.

Component documentation is pretty spare---the developer doesn't really explain what options are or why you would/wouldn't want to use them. Still, the Google API itself is well documented, and a few searches can tell you everything you want to know.

In all, I can't rate this extension highly enough. It's a truly stunning development effort, both richly functional and intelligently designed. Over the past four years, I've tested and used literally hundreds of Joomla components. I've seen the good, the infuriating, and the ugly---and now I've been honestly delighted by ZH GoogleMap.
bydiorist, October 3, 2011
Flexi Custom Code
I needed a module to display a Google Reader news clip, but embedding the simple tags was impossible via the standard editor. This simple module allowed me to accomplish the task without undue fuss or code weight. Nice work!
bydiorist, March 26, 2011
BIGSHOT Strip Comments
Lightweight extension does exactly what it promises. Strips out any notes on the back end that are surrounded by a customizable tag. Notes are saved, but not visible on front end (not even editor panes).

Indispensable for adding back-end "editor eyes only" notations to article text, module titles, and other content elements. Nice work, Bigshot!
bydiorist, November 11, 2009
BookLibrary Basic
I've tried both the basic and "pro" versions of this extension. It has some promising features and does successfully pull content from Amazon. However, I encountered critical problems with both display and general functionality that made the extension unusable without substantial code hacking.

As other reviewers have noted, support is also a hurdle. During our evaluation period, forums on Ordasoft's site were inaccessible. Unlike most user support forums, Ordasoft's cannot be read by unregistered readers, and the registration process was broken. We also sent multiple support queries directly to the support email (which is synonymous with the sales email). Ordasoft did not respond.

I look forward to seeing this extension evolve. it has good potential. For now, however, I regret the money we spent on it.
bydiorist, November 14, 2008
This is the sort of extension that you think would be really cool, but doubt anyone will ever develop. And yet, here it is. AlphaUserPoints has sprung as a reasonably mature, richly functional, and very flexible add-on from the heads of its development team. AND it can be integrated with Community Builder. Great little motivational extension for community-based sites.
bydiorist, November 14, 2008
Even for relatively small imports, this saves a mess o' time. The import was flawless and the auto-notification e-mailer was a pleasantly surprising plus. Highly recommended.
bydiorist, August 26, 2008
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I love Chronoforms---don't even mind paying that $25 to get rid of the promo link. The extension is flexible, functional, powerful, and capable of simplifying so many aspects of managing a truly interactive, community-oriented site.

Our only (wee) complaint is that CF is designed to work only in the main content position, so CF forms can't directly be published to module positions. While CF offers a workaround to this limitation, it involves a third-party extension (Place Here) that a) isn't well supported and b) has issues of its own.*

So, ultimately, we're a bit limited in how we can use CF. But within those boundaries, it's great.

* Specifically, multiple instances of the Place Here module appear to conflict with each other. So if, for example, you want to publish different forms via PH on different areas of your site, and those areas are associated with different collapsible menu trees, ALL menu structures for ALL areas in which PH is published will open whenever you access any given page with a CF/PH instance.

OK, maybe it's a narrow problem. But it's limiting if you want to use CF to publish forms that let users interact directly from various content pages (without leaving the page). The PH limitation makes that scenario a navigational nightmare for the site user.