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bydiresolutions, August 9, 2011
AJAX toggler
We have been using this plugin for a long time and absolutely love it. We've moved on to J1.7 though and we're not able to use this yet. What are the chances of this plugin coming out as Joomla 1.7 Native soon?
Owner's reply

The version for Joomla! 1.7 was just released.

bydiresolutions, November 24, 2010
Event Booking
Overall, this component is absolutely wonderful and incredibly flexible. The ONLY 2 things that this component doesn't have that we wish it did is the following...

1. Ability to have promo codes - When we got this component it didn't have this ability, but we took a couple days and added that function. With our customization of 1.1.1 you can not enter in dollar discounts and percentage discounts. Hopefully the original developer will improve on our code and make it apart of the purchased component.

2. Registration integration - The component does have the ability to integrate this component with Community Builder. However, (maybe I missed it) you cannot integrate the user registration process with event registration. You can hide events from non-registered people being able to see them, but you can't force registration with CB (or Joomla core for that matter) in order to register for an event. We would like for all of our registrants to have a username and password, but unfortunately with this we can't force that.

Note to Developer - Excellent component! We've put in some effort to improve this and I hope you will use it. Please also consider the registration integration if you don't mind. Thanks!

Overall, well worth the little money that it costs!!
Owner's reply

Hi diresolutions

Thanks for your nice review and contributing code to my extensiion.

The promotion codes feature and registration integration feature are now available in version 1.2.0 of the extension.



bydiresolutions, December 8, 2009
Maian Media
Quite honestly this component isn't flawless. HOWEVER, little problems here and there are perfectly fine when there is a guy that is so helpful and will do what it takes to get the component working for you.

The component is great, flexible, and the support is THE BEST. I have paid over $300 for a few components and the support for those doesn't even compare. Thank you so much! Job well done.
bydiresolutions, December 4, 2009
JS Jobs
I have been using this component on a test website to demo for a client before we purchase the full version. For the price, it is good.

The front-end interface is not incredibly flexible related to design and the permission options are non-existent. The public can view open jobs, but users must register to apply for a job or submit a resume. In most instances this is okay, including ours, but there are many users wanting to allow the public to post jobs, which is an option if you want to do heavy customization.

Auto-login is an option, but would require a lot of work. Maybe an opportunity for someone to create a plugin for it.

Overall it's good, but not great. Might be worth the money to buy a more robust and flexible system.