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bydirkmeij, November 14, 2010
Well i´am using Jomres since the beginning of 2010.
I must say i tried several booking systems for Joomla but....after using jomres i wont have to try another one, because the service is JUST PERFECT! its all you can wish for, i mean, quick, professional, clear , honest, and most of all you can use jomres as a stand alone.. even if you decide to install the SA version the support is outgoing. i started my website as a project with no money( my services are completely free for the hotels) so Lucky that Vince have a standard license that doesn't cost allot of money, and i can save again to buy the perpetual license (still saving :-) ) then there is piranha... this man is next to Vince one of the most important people you have to talk to! they are both the walking jomres WIKI´S. Have a problem? no worries they can and will fix it.
Well this is my experience, opinion, and i know i will stick by jomres. Why? if i have to tell you after reading my story i can only say try it for yourself. Thanks Vince and Piranha without you, my project failed for sure. now its up and running not finished still allot of work with even more questions.

Thanks, Dirk