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bydirtydoug, September 15, 2011
Flexi Custom Code
this is a life saver, no need for a documentation on how to use it, anyway im not sure if support is any good since i emailed them telling them that the registration on their forum is not working no one replied for 48 hours anyway its really a life saver so thank you very much for developing it.

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Owner's reply

hi, thank for your opinion
by the way, i never seen your email and actually, the registration for the forum is working good, but please don't do any spam.

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bydirtydoug, October 29, 2009
If only phpbb is very well integrated on joomla i wouldnt bother using kunena which is halfway from phpbb, anyway since its the most stable forum component for joomla i'll use it, but with my 7 months experience with them i have never got a support reply later than 1 week its always 1 week above even for a simple question "how to remove the forum title" they couldnt answer geez whatta support but i admire them for creating such extension, kudos since its free i wont complaint much just the support cause whether its free or not support support should be available to help.

Owner's reply

As we've said many times in the past, support from the Kunena Team is based on availability because we're all volunteers. If someone paid the team to sit around and answer questions all day long, we'd be happy as can be. Not only is our time devoted to fixing bugs and answering questions, it's also invested in Kunena 1.6. It's a complete rewrite of Kunena to be a Joomla 1.6-native version.

We hope you'll have patience and, even better, contribute to helping the project in whatever way you can.