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bydiscovolante, February 14, 2011
I am sorry for this evaluation but I lost three days in trying to migrate from JoomlaStats.
Some post installation steps are terrific. One query last for more than 14 hours! and I have had to execute it via an SQL client not via Joomla backend (correctly updating the step in the table configuration). My database is not huge, my site has an average of 120 visitors a day and I have data for only two years. If my database is huge, what would happen if someone with 1000 visits per day migrate from Joomlastats to j4age?
I think moreover that you should not update directly jstats tables, but create new tables with different names for j4age and then separately transform and import data from old joomlastats tables to the new ones.
Finally when I have finished all the steps, data have not been imported correctly.
I have restored back my joomla installation to JoomlaStats.
Finally, my consideration are: if you have a previous installation of Joomlastats DO NOT migrate to j4age. If it is the first installation, give it a try.
Owner's reply


thank you for your response, even after I thing you should have tried to contact me first via the technical support.

Having data of 2 years and even if there are "just" 120 visitors / day means, that the DB is around 100 MB. Dealing with those amounts of data is quite tough and there are two scenarios why it can fail

1) Your PHP & MySQL timeout settings are too low and there is no chance to perform any of updates. I am taking about ad of an web-page, which is having 10.000 visitors per day.

I am so sorry, that you are one of the rare cases, where the migration process does not run smoothly, but especially for those cases we have established the support. We might not be able to solve the issue within seconds, but at least we can see how we can quickly find a solution together

J4age is the newer version of JoomlaStats, that's why we have to update our tables. Some users do have a memory limit, so we can not simply duplicate the tables. We always highlighted, that you should do a backup before the update to make sure, that everything can be restored.

I have to say, that your rating is actually not fair. You experienced one issue in the migration feature we offer, but you actually have not rated the component itself. It's probably better to stop offering the migration process at all.