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bydiskrim, May 23, 2013
XiUS for JomSocial
Have a question ? They will answer. Need help configuring? They will provide. I am amazed, this plugin saved me and my site. No trouble, no headaches, just install and use. Customizations are easy and code is clean. Great plugin, Thanks!
bydiskrim, May 23, 2013
XIPT for JomSocial
This plugin does everything it says it does, and more. With the help and support of the team it is easy to configure and setup with sooo many variations and other components. Great tool and a must have for any profile type site, jomsocial's custom profiles is just not strong enough without JSPT.

Lastly, support and customizations done by the teamwork flawless and the company has a great service for modifications. Love it!