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bydj_hardbeat, September 30, 2009
Cache Cleaner
... three words which the extensions decribes best! This is easy to install, easy to use, it works with just one click. Very good add-on! Thank you!
bydj_hardbeat, September 20, 2009
Yes! There is always a BUT. This software is great and I'm using it to set up my online business. I have tried and search for other solutions, but I like Virtuemart the best! Especially because it runs on Joomla! Please continue developing this software to become the best on the markt. Make more possibilities to the software, good documentation and please listen to the people who are using it. In short: The product has a lot of nice features, but I guess I'm not the oly one missing a lot functions....

Thanks again for providing us with this beautifull piece of work!
bydj_hardbeat, September 11, 2009
Easy to install, use and configure! Thanks for this lovely component. Maybe one tip: put a remark somewhere how and which url to submit to the Goole Webmaser tools?! Great job!