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bydjacouma, August 11, 2014
Little Helper
I was working in Fabrik and these old deleted db's and user groups kept showing up and I looked in every possible place for trash to empty and after 45 mins, I came across this component. 5 mins later, problem solved -- and the easy buttons at the bottom for trash and cache are a fantastic time saver. Haven't played with the other perks but am sure to discover and enjoy them in time. Thank you developer for sharing the goodies!
bydjacouma, December 12, 2012
After an amazing experience with Easyblog, I checked this out, saw WYIWYG editor, took a look at the interface and committed to the course. This component is definitely young in terms of features but what it does, it does extremely well and looks really nice. Lots of fine tunings (to modules mostly) but as always, Stackideas has gone above and beyond in terms of support -- which is why it's always a safe bet to go with one of their products, even a new and less well known one like this. Version 3.0 is going to be out soon, and I expect it to challenge every other forum system out there and quickly become a standard for professional websites. So those of you who feel that 2.0 is nice but limited in advanced functionality, I wouldn't worry -- it's about to make a major leap forward.
bydjacouma, November 22, 2012
Mootools Enabler/Disabler
I'm building a site on twitter's bootstrap w/ gantry on J2.5.7 and bootstrap pretty much conflicts with anything and everything all the time -- making it close to impossible for someone like me to leverage a lot of the neat built in framework. The template came with a Clean JS plugin, that gutted mootools and more out of the site which pretty much broke jomsocial and lots of other elements.

I downloaded this plugin, followed crystal clear instructions (nice PDF!), and next thing I know, there's an option in every single menu to disable or enable mootools. Additionally, the author allows a general override to allow mootools to load during edits + it nullifies window.addevent and jcaption calls .

This is a really well implemented plugin - Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great and full of information review! :)

bydjacouma, November 1, 2012
Categories Treeview for K2
I deployed this on a bootstrap template. At first, I had some headaches relating to template control over js, but in the end, got it resolved with thorough support.
bydjacouma, March 11, 2012
HOT Login
I've tried so many of these types of widgets and they never work... to the point that I'm sort of surprised that I even tried this one. It works, and it works real smooth :). Thank you for the awesomeness Alessandro!
bydjacouma, March 4, 2012
Dinamod Tab Modules
Quick to configure and got it to do what I needed without trouble. Thank you so much for developing this, and making it available for free!
bydjacouma, October 24, 2011
Country/IP Block
I needed to block some countries for a technology site to reduce the chances of design ripoff and cloning. I paid my $10 for the extension, set it up in a matter of minutes on my Joomla 1.7 site, got a little mixed up with block and allow settings, mailed the developer and got clarification in under an hour. Works like charm and can also be run completely invisible.
bydjacouma, November 3, 2010
This app is wonderful from the perspective of back end configuration presentation and installation. Features are fantastic. Templates are junk... even the ones that you can download as extra from their site are unusable/inappropriate for professional applications. Also Nota bene that if you're getting this for integration with Jomsocial... Jevents offers a lot more in that regard. After purchasing RSEvents, I had to discard it and hope to use it on a future website and move to another package. Again -- the programming and power of the app is great but the presentation is deal breaker. Possible that a CSS guru could doctor it up to look good but for the price, I expected to be able to turnkey. For half the money, this would be a fair deal.
bydjacouma, November 1, 2010
I had experience with community builder and was looking for something more "modern". I'm blown away by the smoothness of everything from install to administrator panel and features to user experience. I'm very much looking forward to the collection of apps that folks develop to build on this. Great work guys - worth every penny -- thank you.
Owner's reply

Hi guys, thank you for all your kind words. It has been a pleasure to read on your feedbacks. I've passed these to all of our developers and I'm pretty sure they will be even more motivated to bring you the best features on the web.

Once again, thank you for being so supportive.

Warmest regards,
Irwan(JomSocial team)

bydjacouma, October 24, 2010
Simple MP3 Player
Fast to install, extremely customizable, flawless function (don't be thrown off by all the reference to windows... functioning perfectly on OSX, back and front end) and oh so smooth on showing buffer status by setting scroll bar length to currently buffered length. 10/10 Thank you!
bydjacouma, July 4, 2010
The fluidity of image loading and display, combined with clean customizable graphics and great integration with highslide, with the added benefit of low level customization make this a fantastic application with tremendous flexibility and potential. Easy to set up, lots of information on the joomlanook forums, and Ken's presence there and dedication to supporting these applications is exceptional.
bydjacouma, June 25, 2010
This did exactly what I needed it to. Processed large batches of pdf's without a glitch and then, without any further action, my rok ajax search is giving me results based on word and pdf document content. I wish that I could get it to index documents stored on other sites to avoid my having to copy and store them locally, but hey - maybe in in a later version!
bydjacouma, June 17, 2010
Core Design Scriptegrator
I simply installed this module and without doing anything else, all pages, including a photo library, load 10x faster. Amazing app... kudos and thanks to the developer(s) for this contribution.