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bydjarzyna, January 11, 2012
Wall Factory
This one looked good initially although it comes with no documentationn, no forum, no support. It's advertised as free extension, but if you need something of the above you are expected to join a "club" for wich you have to pay. So my first advise to the developers is this: Don't try to fool people into thinking they will get a non-commercial extension when in fact sooner or later they have to fork out money in order to join your "club". If you want to earn some money with your goods say so from the beginning. In this case your extensions should be good enough to be paid for, which brings me to my point: This extension is no good at all if you need it to speak a language other than English. I couldn't find otrher language files but hey, nothing against editing one based on the provided English language files. This way I could have been even contributing to the product... Unfortunately even after translating the quite big language file half of the front end still speaks English. That means editing the source files... After half a day I gave it up. It's just to much.
Owner's reply

Your statements are purely FALSE and unfortunately can mislead other users, which are searching for a good and FREE component!

1. Wall Factory is FREE for download!

2. For FREE extensions, we do provide Forum support (but of course after paying a minimal fee - our beer money).

3. Also to all our extensions we provide only the English language file. This is clearly mentioned and we never stated we are providing other languages. Especially at a free component, you can translate it on your on and even place the translation in a forum to share it with the others.