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bydjcoral, July 26, 2011
Sponsor Wall
I have been working with Joomla for some time now, and I am designing a Festival site. We have so many sponsors it was getting out of hand. I saw this, and it looked perfect for my needs. Installation and setup was simple. It did take a little tweaking to get the thumb sizes and left margin looking right. This is a pretty easy and straight forward module that works as stated.
bydjcoral, September 20, 2008
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Meta Mod is extremely powerful, and can be very flexible depending on it's use.
I came to use it because I wanted to simply show different modules to regged, or non regged users.
(something Joomla should have built in...IMO)
This accomplishes that...easy,
When I installed and fully began to see this modules full parameters, I was like whoa dude...I can implement this on other sites for a multitude of reasons. Awesome!

Drawbacks: not many! I had some trouble setting up the PHP "recipies" to fit the enviroment I was working in, but through some trial and error I worked it out.
I also had some small spacing issues where the specified modules displayed, but that was in my template .css and that was an easy fix.
If you a true "Joomla head" and build alot of sites this is THE trick to have up your sleeve, it's very flexible, powerful and FREE!