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bydjseamus, August 1, 2014
Step 1. Install any template from Yootheme.
Step 2. Install Zoo CCK from Yootheme.
Step 3. Install ZooCart.

Take it from someone who's tried various other shopping carts, including the most mature ones available on JED - ZooCart is the one!
If you're using a template other than what comes packaged with Joomla you most likely won't be able to use this extension.
The requirement is to publish it to module "position 2" which doesn't exist in many third party templates
bydjseamus, October 11, 2010
I'm a avid user of YOOTheme products and I use ZOO on several sites. There are limitations, tho.
For instance,
After frontend submission in non-trusted mode, there is no admin notification of new submission, yet the article remains unpublished until approved by admin. This means admin needs to constantly be checking.
There is a coomets feature but, again, no admin notification of new comments
There is no way to limit the number of characters in textarea fields.
There is no way to submit a gallery in the frontend, even in trusted mode.
I know ZOO is currently under consideration for JED Editor's Pick, but I can honestly say that the current limitations should preclude it. In my opinion, ZOO was rushed into stable production in a cynical attempt to sell the companion Apps bundle, but truly, there are many features missing which are core to many other CCKs.