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bydkartuzinski, November 28, 2010
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I first found Joomlastats and couldn't for the life of me get it working, installed or anything. I kept reading and discovered that this is a fork of that project. I can only say BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! I got it set-up in about 7 minutes. It immediately started collecting stats and immediately I achieved ZEN!

I ran into the back end display component which had an error but it is in BETA and I actually prefer using just the component view.

The component is FAST. The COMPONENT is easy and completely intuitive.

I used the Activation Plugin after discovering that the module wouldn't publish. READ the very simple instructions. If the component doesn't seem to be working - make sure the module is properly active. If you can't figure it out JUST USE THE PLUGIN. I recommend the plugin as it's 5 less clicks anyway.

Bravo and thanks.

Owner's reply


thank you for the feedback and we will hopefully also solve the beta issues.

Regarding activation module or plugin I only want to add that you should choose the acivation module depending on the needs you have.

The plugin
You only have to install it and enable it to get everything working. j4age would in this case collect data of absolutely everything. Simple and easy

The module
A little bit more complicated, if you do not understand the Joomla module & template concept. Some people forget to assign it to an location, which is actually used by the template. However, you have far more control and you can restrict j4age to collect data only in specific scenarios (only registered users, only specific pages, etc.). Basic Rule / Self-Test: If the module title is selected to be displayed and you can't see the title on the webpage, j4age won't collect data!! P.S. Don't forget, that some templates do render some borders around modules at a specific location. You must change the location and press the thumbs, that the template designer is not tried to hard to do some special effects everywhere.

Hope this helps to do the right choice between the different activation options for j4age.

Enjoy this extension!!

bydkartuzinski, July 11, 2008
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Ozio Gallery
This is a great photo tool. I had issues but it turns out they were template issues. If this doesn't work check it on the Beez Template to verify it's really not working. Because once I realized that it was my template, getting it to work was easy. My only request is that it's actually a bit hard to get to the english instructions. But otherwise really great.
bydkartuzinski, June 9, 2008
Popin Window
This is a pretty well put together plugin. The support was great and the programmer was quick to answer my questions, including three times in one day!
I used Joomla 1.5 and I would only add the following instructions to those like me, who sometimes don't see the obvious!
1. Install the plug in, like a normal plugin.
2. Go to the Plug in and within the HTML area for code - put THERE what text or images you want to have as a pop up (or popin!).
3. Create an Article, put as the article "{popin}" - just {popin} not the quotes - publish the article to the page you want the popup to occur.
4. Ensure that the Article is published to a working module position.
5. Voila! It should work perfectly.
It works great for users. If you are developing it and rechecking and rechecking, it sometimes seems to lose count so to speak and I would reboot your computer if something isn't changing like you think it should.
Five stars otherwise, thanks.
- DK
ps. I bought the man a beer! I recommend you do so as well.