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bydkg11hu, November 6, 2009
Akeeba Backup
It works! That's the best in that.

The front-end feature w/ cron job opportunity is a lifesaver.

How many times we delete something important by accident or mess up the development?
How many times we do not make a backup, because we forget, are tired to and do not do the last thing: backup of our work?

While doing development, using JoomlaPack frontend feature as a cron job is a must.
It works silently in the background so you can be sure that in case you mess it up, you only lose e.g. 1hr of work at max.

It takes 5 mins to retrieve the last working copy there is no excuse for not using it.

Also, I should mention that it is true what Nicholas (the lead developer) offers: they, indeed, come back to you within ONE day in case you have got problems and they do not just say: read the documentation, although this piece of software is very well documented.

I do not know how the they can do it, but they really SUPPORT you.

Try some software giants in this respect and afterward you will surely appreciate the support of this kind.
bydkg11hu, September 10, 2009
Phoca Favicon
Jan did it again....

It solves a problem that makes quite a headache...
Although it is true that you can do it by editing the templates, putting pics into somewhere, for those who use Joomla, a component fits to the system much rather that editing files directly.

I believe, it is a "core" extension for those who make websites for the public.
bydkg11hu, May 14, 2009
Phoca GAE
It does what promised. What else do you need?

Clean code, easy install. Just excellent.