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bydlegendkiller, October 12, 2012
I am glad that we have a free extension like this, magically converts the Joomla into a mobile site. However, I am frustrated with the documentation and tutorials posted in the website. The tutorials show OLD VERSIONS of MobileJoomla. The UI in settings is very different from the tutorial which is very confusing. And guess what, I was not able to convert it into a Mobile site. I even watched a video which was posted 3 years ago. Sorry but you driving away new users of your component.
Owner's reply

Hi there, first of all, we are sorry to hear about your negative experience.

The screenshots in our documentation are mostly from Joomla! 1.5, since majority of our users still use that version, and that may give the impression of an outdated look. The video you watched is not an official tutorial, but was prepared by one of our community members on Joomla! 1.5 and we wanted to credit his efforts. Sorry, it didn't help you.

However, we highly value our users' feedback & opinion, therefore we reviewed and improved all our documentation. We hope we will be able to turn your experience & review into positive, in near future.

bydlegendkiller, October 1, 2011
En Masse
My client bought this extension and the support isn't good. I have posted a lot of questions in the forum, posted tickets, still no replies. It's not actually a clone of groupon if you may ask me. It only asks for location, it doesn't ask for the email address which is very important. A $120 extension with very poor support, doesn't exactly do what groupon does. I feel sorry for my client.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

I am sorry for your bad experience, we are doing an investigation into this issue with our service officers.

It will be great that you could email me directly at and let me know your username at the system and let us know more about your experience, so that I could trace back more on this so that we could improve our customer service process.

Once again we apologized for your poor experience despise we are getting good reviews for the same time, but we will like to find out more and improve from it.