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bydlewintx, May 3, 2014
The description states "everything you need to sell tickets and manage registrations on Joomla!" However, all the extension does is make it easy to add an article that contains information about an Eventbrite listing to Joomla!, with links back to Eventbrite. Everthing else in regards to event management needs to be done through Eventbrite. In regards to adding an article it is straight forward, but doesn't work with private events. Rated low because the description was misleading.
bydlewintx, July 26, 2012
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Profile Pro for Community Builder
Overall, the extension is a great extension that provides functionality in creating custom registration forms I couldn't find elsewhere. It is fairly easy to use, but you do need to know basic HTML to create your custom layouts.

I didn't give this five stars due to the initial experience in getting the module. Not only do you have to register, but the registration has required fields asking for address detials and even phone number (required). Then after paying through paypal there was no immediate access to software. I posted messages through the website contact form, in their forum, and on thier twitter page with no response. Then after 3 days, I did get a response and access. Searching the web, it seems that a 3 day delay has also happened to other people. So be aware of this.

I did find the module did what it was supposed to do without any problem. When I ran into an integration issue, I found their support very responsive in solving the issue. But this required giving them access to the my website. I then had to examine the website to see how they did the implementation. (I did subsequently post an explaination of the solution in their forum for others to see if needed.)

The only other thing to be aware of is that for custom registration forms to work, you do need to change a core CB file. They provide the replacement file making this easy, but since a core file is changed, you need to be careful with CB release updates as there is a CB file hack involved for custom registration forms.