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Ignite Gallery
Ignite Gallery has been well worth the money because it has saved me so much time. The documentation is great. It does what it says it will do. I'm always trying out other galleries (esp. the free ones) and there's always something disappointing. This will be your core gallery. Thank you!! Great work!
There is so much to like about RedShop - the templates, the options, the stockroom. I didn't even get a chance to consider the extra extensions and paid-for areas because the documentation gets you started and then drops you off a cliff. The free version is buggy and the forum feels like the blind leading the blind. It's just users and it seems like most of them are having the same problems with nowhere to turn besides the paid subscription.
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I bought this product for my J1.5 sites. It worked really well, was very customizable and did the job. Come J2.5, I just bought it again and I'm even happier. Works well like the J1.5 system but I had no idea that the support was so good. I was concerned about mootools conflicts with another extension. Roland not only checked it out right away, but he FIXED the other extension! (Yireo had left the conflict in their toggle system.) This is a good investment.
bydlm, April 20, 2012
Include Component
Just what I needed to combine a photo with a component. Works as advertised. Worth the time to test if you're looking for an embedding tool. Well done!!
bydlm, April 11, 2012
I was really worried that this blog system would be way too much for my little web clients and that I would have to spend hours modifying it for a one or two blogger set-up. It was so easy to find what I needed to edit in the code. There are loads of switches to turn features on and off. Before I purchased the Pro package, I sent some questions to the help desk. They answered me on the weekend!! I've read lots of glowing recommendations about the support, but I didn't need any more help. I've installed Easyblog with one client and just upgraded to the Unlimited version so I can switch my expired MyBlog clients. It's nice not to dread customizing the weblog system!! Great job!! Keep up the good work!!!
bydlm, March 16, 2012
Accordion FAQ
AccordionFAQ is saving me loads of time with lists and subdocs. I have two FAQs in one article and multipe FAQs on one website. (I need to find out the limit.) I was able to customize the artwork with the CSS. One small issue with an extra layer of formatting behind the text but I designed around that. Just beware of using semi-transparent images in the header. Even so, this is a very good extension and worth the time to try out.
bydlm, December 26, 2011
Maxi Menu CK
I've worked with other dropdown menu modules, so I may have the advantage of a bit of experience. Even so, this module was very easy to install and customize. I didn't purchase the documentation or the plug-in but, if I decide to do any fancy customization with the menu, I won't hesitate to pay for both. It would be a good investment in a menu system that I will be using for many clients. Job well done!! I recommend that you give it a try.
Owner's reply

thank you ! it makes me happy :)

I wanted a captcha, ip address identification and banning, and a flexible layout. aiContactSafe gave me all that plus some functions I hadn't considered. There's a lot here, so take some time to look it over, read the explanations, consider the layout options. You'll be glad you invested the time.

As for support, Alex gets 6 stars. I ran into a problem when I got started, and I was a little cranky. Alex was patient, funny, and very helpful. He got us back on the right track and it was a very supportive interaction.

Great job!! Excellent, well planned extension.
kBanners4Joomla saved me loads of time trying to place button and banner ads on specific pages of my website. It was well worth the $20. I would have given the product a 5 star rating but I didn't receive a reply to my e-mail with some questions. Eventually, I figured out the important stuff, made a modification to the code and everything works great. I recommend you give it a try.
Owner's reply

Hi dlm,
We are quite happy that kBanners4Joomla suited your needs and would be very happy to provide any clarifications your need on its functionality. We did try to find the email sent by you, however we have not received it. Would it be possible to contact us gain through our site along with an alternate email? We would be more than happy to answer your question.


bydlm, September 9, 2010
Modules Anywhere
This was TOOOOO easy. Simple instructions, simple implementation, does what it says with no nonsense. And for a commercial installation, the donation is easy on the budget too (15E). Thank you!
bydlm, February 19, 2010
If a month goes by that I don't have to fix or work around a bug in this system, it's fabulous. Shopping carts can be incredibly complicated but if your application is simple, find another extension. If you go with VM, you'll be spending hours searching the forum for solutions or recoding around the bugs. VM has incredible scope but you have to consider whether it's worth your time.
bydlm, September 19, 2008
Easy to install, customize and set-up. This is going to be so handy for my website development. Check out the demo to make sure this works for you, then have at it. I was able to get my lists integrated very quickly.