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bydlwilson007, November 19, 2010
This module worked perfectly for the books I have listed on my site. I have 16 articles, each representing one chapter of a book, and they are listed under a single category for the book. I needed a simple way to create an index of the chapters, and this module does it perfectly. Using 2.0.4 - no issues with the install, SEF works complaints. Great job!
bydlwilson007, November 1, 2010
Easy File Uploader
This tool is very simple and gets the job done. It works exactly as said, so I gave it the high score. However, there is an enhancement I would really like to see with this tool. Rather than have the administrator select a single directory, I would like the user to be able to choose a directory. We keep our image files organized in the directory structure, so I would like my user to select the right directory.

Great job!
bydlwilson007, August 5, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
Our client needed a picture viewer to show up in the site articles, and this was the only one I found that did just that...and gave me complete control in how it is used. So far, every question I have had has been answered by Andreas in the comments on his site. The documentation is clear and concise. The only people that might have a hard time with this tool are people that are completely new and don't know much about CSS or getting around in their file systems.

I only have one complaint...that I didn't find this plugin sooner! :)