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ExtraWatch PRO
I work in data analytics for a living and ExtraWatch Pro is a great tool for your website. This product works perfectly, and they provide quick support and response times. Great job!
bydmaislin, November 5, 2010
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Art Sexy Lightbox
I was looking for a product that would allow me to create a collection of images that when selected would present a lightbox with either a pic, video, or flash. This plug-in product does it all and more.

I created a complex article, then went to move it to a custom HTML module, but since modules don't work well with plug-in tags, it didn't work.

One quick email to Artetics support and literally within minutes they logged into my development environment, installed a customHTML Artetics modules, and my issue was resolved.

I made a few suggestions and received instantaneous response from their team.

Wonderful product, excellent support.

Thank You Artetics!
bydmaislin, September 29, 2010
Our site was being attacked by servers in Sweden and China all day. Considering our website is only for people in Missouri, there was no purpose for other countries to be on our site to the tune of 48,000 hits in a day. CPU and Load Averages were off the charts and our site was out of memory and at a stand still. After installation, perfect harmony, total bliss. Great job!
bydmaislin, January 2, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
After six months of searching, installing, and disappointment with every other newsletter product I have finally found the perfect product.
bydmaislin, December 31, 2009
In terms of features there is no equal and the support is fantastic. Geraint has provided the best calendar and events system for Joomla period.