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bydmccreary, September 21, 2011
When you've been building joomla sites for a few years you find out what third party developers write reliably good code. And which do not. CorePHP is one of the best. I've use JomCDN for a very big commercial sports site, and when we switched from 1.5 to 1.7 the support staff were VERY helpful in sorting some small issues. JomCDN really is a no brainer for high traffic sites. The cost of Amazon S3 and Cloudfront is shockingly low. And working with Andy and Colin and other support staff makes this a painless experience. Bravo!
bydmccreary, July 25, 2011
Qlue ToolTip
The possibilities are endless, as one can embed text, images, even modules into a tooltip popup. Nicely done.
bydmccreary, January 23, 2011
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Constant Contact CB Integration
I had a bizarre "blank screen" issue when the plugin was turned on, and contacted the developer. he discovered a problem that few others will have.. my client had more than 64 lists setup in their CC account, which caused the API to fail. The developer, Bob Brock, solved this for me very quickly, same day service. It now works flawlessly and is childs play to configure. Customer support could not be better.
bydmccreary, February 24, 2010
Documents Seller
I setup Documents seller for a highend niche magazine website. They had 1000+ historical reviews they wanted to monetize. Out of the box it worked great... but I needed to add some custom fields and do some mods, so I contacted the developers. Tuan Pham Ngoc is one of the lead code guys, he did VERY good work for very little money (he's in Hanoi and readily available on skype). Client's sales within 72 hours covered the purchase and development costs. Now they're just making money from old content with no effort. Just hooked it up to a corporate paypal account and money appears. Highly recommended.