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bydniezby, August 13, 2013
This is the most amazing extension I've EVER used for Joomla. I now have freedom to build my sites the way I want. This is - BY FAR - the best component for developing forms and content development.
bydniezby, December 25, 2007
AJAX Shoutbox
This is just another great way to get people active at your sites.
bydniezby, December 24, 2007
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iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Needs a little more documentation but works wonderfully.

The "Answer not found? Ask a question here" is not documented at all. My users were submitting questions but I wasn't getting any notifications or eMails.

I fixed it by correcting the GLOBAL CONFIGURATION / MAIL / MAIL FROM email address to the address where you'd like notifications sent.

Hopefully a new release is being worked on where the user manually enter an eMail address where questions may be submitted.