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bydnuttall, August 2, 2014
I implemented JEvents with Joomla 3.3.1 as a favor to a pastor of a small church. I wanted to demonstrate that he could have recurring events but uniquely configure them as needed. HOWEVER, it wasn't immediately clear how to do that.

So I joined the JEvents forum, posted a question and seemingly "within a few minutes" (actually perhaps an hour or two), there was a response that I followed, did a follow-up post and inside of 12 hrs including 6 hrs sleep, I have the site looking exactly the way I want it.

This is incredibly powerful and easily customized software. And the forum-based "TLC" of a new user is among my most pleasant experiences since becoming immersed in computer integration/systems in 1982!

Although the church probably doesn't need the add-ons provided by subscription, I intend to urge them to donate at least once as a good faith gesture.

A famous chemical company once ran commercials that they didn't make certain products, they made certain products better. The same can be said of JEvents relative to Joomla. It makes Joomla SOAR!