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bydoctorj, December 24, 2007
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Hey Guys,

I have been using JoomSEF for almost 1 year. Here are some things I like and some things that I think are not cool at all...

-Free Version and Pro Version
-Easy install
-Easy setup/config
-Good Documentation

-SPAM/Advertisements are hidden in the FREE version without letting end users know. I feel this is wrong on so many levels. At least give us a banner warning before downloading or installing onto our sites.
-Support is terrible

Those are just a few of many more. Should this be allowed by Joomla standards (the SPAM)?
Owner's reply

1) its no spam in my opinion
2) the information about the links is published here on Joomla Extension site and also on almost every page on our own site, including the download page
3) support is available primarily to paying customers, sorry
4) the so-called SPAM links have been removed anyway, now, the latest free versions only link to us as authors, similarily as other free components (FireBoard, VM, ...) do

Thanks for your positive feedback anyway. Just, if you have been using it for a more than a year, why just 1 point?