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bydodgydaz, July 16, 2013
The plugin is free but you need to sign up for an account that is anything but free!
bydodgydaz, September 30, 2010
Juicy Gallery
Had some difficulties trying to download this mod for some reason, but an email to the developers and i received an extremely fast reply with the mod attached. As it turned out there was no problem it was just me being a bit of a muppet!

The mod itself installed perfectly and would be ideal for two of my customers. But it seem to have a bit of a issue with my site. wouldn't work on my front page but several other mods have conflicts with a mod already running and there were some minor issues with it on other pages

I think that the issues i'm having with this mod are down to the fact that my site was created using ARTISTEER, and i have email the developers about this and received yet another rapid reply with a promise that they will look into it for me.

All in all it promises to be a great mod and if i can get it working on my sites the i will be using it.