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bydonjoomlasmith, December 31, 2009
After a year of struggling with this product, I was happy to see that it went commercial, because I figured it meant that they would acknowledge and fix the only major flaw of which I am aware...

... the core of sh404sef will break your pagination in MyBlog component. I have found work around for all other issues using these two otherwise great components together, but for whatever reason the sh404sef people refuse to acknowledge and fix this problem.

The really frustrating thing is that the sh404sef component comes with built in "support" for MyBlog, so is very misleading. Now that the product is commercial, it should come with a disclaimer that it will break your site if you want to use MyBlog along with it.

You would think that the MyBlog and sh404sef people would get together and figure this out, but the problem has been known for months.

It comes down to this... if you don't use MyBlog, then sh404sef is a great component and does exactly what it says. If you do use MyBlog or think you might ever want to, then stay far away from sh404sef unless and until the company acknowledges and fixes the problem.

A word of advice to azrul... it would be very helpful if you would offer the sh404sef team a copy of MyBlog, because the sh404sef people seem to have used the lack of access to MyBlog as a reason not to support it.