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bydontflinch, July 1, 2013
Maxi Menu CK
I see a couple people complain because they need documentation but don't want to pay for it. if you need the documentation or extra features you shouldn't complain about paying for it. this is a very nice, complex extensions that is of great value for FREE to everyone. anyone with modest skills should find them very useful with no instruction manual and buying some upgrades helps keep up dev work. thanks for the great menu (& all the other great joomlack extensions), glad to see the jed thing was resolved!
bydontflinch, June 29, 2013
chronoforms can be either as simple or as complex as needed. a great extension, with great support by very nice folks at chronoengine.
bydontflinch, June 29, 2013
Simple Random Quotes
I easily customized this to have a second Author line by adding another value for an additional space after the dash. if omar had a forum I would have posted for anyone else looking to add AuthorCompany. ;) But it is so simple and easy to use most with basic knowledge will be able to easily adjust it to their needs, or use straight out of the box. thanks!
bydontflinch, June 29, 2013
Slideshow CK
ck always delivers top quality extensions. this one does not disappoint. it has a lot of easy to use options for getting a very professional looking slideshow going very quickly and easily.
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

bydontflinch, June 28, 2012
BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus
I was having a lot of problems with duplicate categories in virtuemart and with just a snippet (see vm forum) or two of change this did the trick!

The developers were very nice and helpful too.
bydontflinch, June 13, 2012
Calc Builder
we could not believe how great this extension was or how nice and helpful the developers were. we opted for the customized calculator and they delivered exactly what we wanted (with a couple changes even) super quickly. thanks!
bydontflinch, March 15, 2012
well worth it. easy to set up, fast reply on issues in the forums and no ioncube crap.
bydontflinch, August 30, 2011
JoomBah Jobs
very well thought out and very helpful support, all for a VERY reasonable price.
bydontflinch, March 13, 2011
HOT Weather
I found this to be a very nice, easy to use module. the only thing I think I could suggest is that the 3d version be offered in a couple sizes (wide as is, or a tall and skinny for sidebars). I really like that style but it was too wide for the area I wanted to use it in. however they do supply a simple small gray version which I used and was super easy to use and available in F, which we needed. nice work, thanks.
bydontflinch, January 28, 2010
man have I flailed around a million times needing this plugin. thank you so much! I wish they had an 'excellent plus' rating for this one!
bydontflinch, December 28, 2009
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
hard to say anything else but awesome. the thing works GREAT and I have posted some questions and suggestions on their forums and got very quick, thorough replies. couldn't ask for more in a free component.
bydontflinch, December 28, 2009
Easy Joomla Paypal
I looked at this module before and saw the warning about hidden links and got warned off. this time I was looking again (after a server crash argh) and again thought this looked best for what I wanted except for that again.

so I went to the website to make a comment about it and lo and behold for under $5us I was able to get the pro version. well worth it. you should put a note on the listing letting folks know there is a very cheap pro version available with no ads.